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Vizio and Google Data Privacy Class Actions Illustrate Risks of Data Collection – And Defensive Value of Robust Disclosures

Posted in Consumer Privacy/FTC, Litigation, Other

Two recent developments in data privacy litigation highlight the continuing challenges to companies that collect internet usage information without clearly disclosing the manner and method in which they are doing so to users.  As these events demonstrate, plaintiffs’ attorneys are … Continue Reading

Class Action Exposes Massive Data Leak Of Social Security and Drivers’ License Numbers of Every Registered Georgia Voter; Secretary of State Admits “Clerical Error”

Posted in Data breach, Litigation, Other

Did the Georgia Secretary of State release the social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and dates of birth of every registered Georgia voter?  Those are the allegations first made by putative class representatives, Elise Piper and Yvette Sanders, in a … Continue Reading