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The third season in Frenemies has been released — watch these episodes.

  • The One Where California Falls in Love With Privacy: The California Consumer Privacy Act in 10 Minutes (featuring Bethany Lukitsch and Justin Yedor)
  • The One Where “Sale” Doesn’t Mean What You Think: What Is a Sale and Why Does it Matter? (featuring Ali Baiardo)
  • The One Where We Are All Still Confused About California: What Is in the Regulations Anyway? (featuring Anthony Le and Neelam Takhar)
  • The One Where an Old Flame Stuck Around: Shine the Light vs. CCPA (featuring Justin Yedor)

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We hope these sessions help marketing and legal departments understand each other, work together, issue-spot, and maybe go from being frenemies to friends. Registration is not required and after release, each season will be available for binge watching from your office or your couch.