This morning the FCC voted along party lines to adopt rules subjecting broadband internet service providers (ISPs) to new consumer privacy regulations. According to the FCC’s press release, the rules give “customers the tools they need to make informed decisions about how their information is used.”  This includes requiring ISPs to gain opt-in consent from consumers to use and share sensitive information, like geo-location, web browsing history and app usage history.  The rules make a point to exclude the privacy practices of web sites and other “edge services” where the Federal Trade Commission currently has authority. The official Report and Order is expected to be published within the next few days. Check back to Password Protected next week for an in-depth analysis of the Report detailing what impact it will have on industries and consumers.

The 3-2 vote included Chairman Wheeler and Commissioner Rosenworcel, approving, Commissioner Clyburn, approving in part and concurring in part; Commissioner Pai and Commissioner O’Rielly dissenting.

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